I Am Vaccine Injured: A Personal Reflection Pt. 2

You can do your own research on the history of vaccines going back to the late 1700’s, The Vaccine Injury Compensation Law of 1986 which Ronald Reagan signed with deep reservations has since becoming operational in 1988 has paid out around $4.5 billion to settle vaccine injury cases with the cap being $250,000. The fund is paid for via a vaccine tax. It doesn’t come out of the vaccine company’s profits.

In 2020, how it has affected me is when engaging in conversation with someone who is wearing a mask, due to unable to lipread, it is just about like being completely deaf.

All due to a virus if it does exist has been great blown out of proporation. To put things into perspective, around 500,000 die from flu and malaria worldwide every year. Around 1,000,000 die in car wrecks. 10,000,000 die from starvation, half of those being children. How come these deaths aren’t played out 24/7 on the news?

So we are supposed to think the world is coming to an end because whatever the number of actual deaths is (10,000?), it still isn’t anywhere close to car wrecks or flu deaths.

So basically I am now unable to understand people and especially if working in a customer service orientated environment, it creates real hardship. I am reduced to asking “Could you repeat that please” or “I don’t know” when I would have otherwise known where the wine or cake mix would be if I could understand what you were saying. But I don’t feel like giving my life story. So now here it is.

In September and November 1977 at around 16-18 months old, I was given two MMR vaccines. In early 1981, while I was sitting on the living room floor of our house in Old North Knoxville, my mother walked up to me and tried to get my attention. Just a moment ago, she had called my name and I didn’t respond. I had been playing with my hot wheels and therefore had my head down. TMLSS, I went through a series of hearing tests at the Speech and Audiology center and laid eyes on Neyland Stadium for the first time. I thought “This thing is BIG” from my young perspective at the time. Now while even bigger and still an interesting place, Neyland Stadium is a big one among many other big stadiums in the modern college football landscape.

Fast forward to about this time in 2000. I was an employee at Scripps Networks. I was given a flu shot like everyone else. For some reason, I was sick with the flu for the next week. I thought to myself “What’s the point of taking a flu shot if I am going to get the flu?” This experience opened my eyes to the potential dangers of vaccinations. I gradually learned about the history of vaccinations along with constitutional law, further understanding of economics particularly Austrian economics, tax law and the drug war. You can visit this link for information on my other blogs.

In 2012, while doing spring cleaning, I came across my mother’s baby journal. In it, she notes about receiving vaccines. In the entry for September, nothing unsual. However, in the entry for November, she notes that I had an odd reaction like a yelping sound and a twisting motion that wasn’t your normal grimacing reaction that we are accustomed to.

In reflecting back to the late 70’s-early 80’s, I could very easily hear the songs, TV shows and movies of the time. I could even understand Darth Vader despite having a helmet on. Physically, my ears are in good shape. The damage was to the nerves itself. As I investigated the strange story involving my experience with the MMR vaccines, I learned that what the particular doctor did (who shall remain nameless as well as the hospital) was to increase the amount of aluminum in the shot. There has been increasingly more evidence of the possible connection between aluminum and its relationship to hearing loss in recent times. Now if “they didn’t know” was considered a rationale, that would be one thing. But the concern about vaccines goes back to the 1950’s at the very least. He would have known that aluminum could cause damage. To then increase the dosage beyond its normal amount can only lead to one conclusion: It was attempted murder.

So we are where we are. Thankfully, the vaccine didn’t kill me. But it did cause lifelong damage that makes it difficult in social interactions, building relationships, employment and just general quality of life. I will probably never see a dime. But I can get some satisfication by sharing my story and to build awareness especially in these times. In conjunction with the mask mandates and lockdowns, there will be a stronger push towards mandatory vaccine program at a national and international level. Those who refuse to comply could very well be facing concentration camps or forced injections.

I have said enough on this now. Pray, make your peace and prepare for the difficult times ahead.

I Am Vaccine Injured: A Personal Reflection Pt. 1

In looking back on my life, I would say generally my childhood and early adulthood were very fulfullling and fruitful. I have no life long regrets. I was also a conservative person in my interactions with others. I resolved disputes through meditation and coming to terms amiably. Granted, there were a few times I would grab the other boy’s throat like Darth Vader for excessive horseplaying and once did a mud wrestling match after the boy repeatedly picked on a girl in elementary school. But it was more play than anything. Besides, especially during the 1980’s, women and girls mud wrestled all the time. So it wouldn’t have been any harm for a boy or man to do it once in a lifetime. No life-long harm or trauma developed.

Much of my childhood involved family trips to Florida, Virginia and Ohio. I enjoy traveling and exploring the world at large. It didn’t matter if it was a baseball game, Mount Vernon or the beach.

I have a highly developed instinct for knowing potential pitfalls and either fixing a problem before it develops or going around the problem so it doesn’t swallow me up whole. I have never driven drunk (although have been slighly intoxicated maybe a handful of times and went to bed immediately afterwards), never got a girl/woman pregnant out of wedlock, smoked three cigars in my life, never cared for cigarettes and chewing tobacco, etc…

In my adult life as we moved through the 21st century, it has been one of conflict, more psychological and spiritual than physical. I am still in good shape, have full function of my body and proactive about nutrition. The psychological and spiritual challenges have however been immense. I am a man of the past. Modern times leaves me feeling alienated and not getting anywhere like a hamster stuck on the wheel in a cage, yet going nowhere.

Physically, I now know that for the sake of my long-term health, living on a beach, ranch, mountains, or some other natural setting is necessary. Unfortunately, the modern world is way overdeveloped and too expensive for my limited financial means.

The other issue that I have struggled with for most of my life is hearing loss. I am deaf in right ear and hearing impaired in left ear. Generally, I have always been able to adapt beginning after being diagnosed with hearing loss around age 5 in 1981. I say generally minus not dating or going to parties, I lived a well-rounded life as a child and teenager. I loved the music, movies, MTV, mud wrestling and life in general. Those were very happy times for me. I am highly adaptable and a big believer in thinking positive.

Around the turn of the century, basically everything was coming together nicely. I did do some dating as a young adult and had a nice career going at HGTV/Scripps Network. Nice apartment, good money, investments, etc…

After 9/11 happened, I was laid off in November. From there it has been one failed thing after another. Dead end jobs, money is tight, no real prospect for the future, I have felt ignored, misunderstood, doubted and looking back at it, engaged in constant dreaming about the past to cope. I was both psychologically and spiritually tormented.

Fast forward to 2020. It has been a crazy year for everyone. You turn around and something bad is happening from virus (whether real or not), bickering on social media, nastiness in politics or a rock star or movie star dies. RIP Eddie Van Halen.

I have been taking 2020 in stride not letting constant fear mongering and nastiness from corporate media affect me. I cut the cord in 2002. I started becoming aware of the toxic atmosphere that was to come going back to mid 1990’s. Thankfully, I left that industry when I did. I know a number of other people who were also glad to have done the same. Given the downhill slide of both the news industry and Hollywood, it either wouldn’t have lasted long or I may not even be alive today.

On a personal level, the biggest thing that has fouled me up is the mask wearing. Due to my hearing loss, I have to read lips. If I can’t read your lips when you are talking, I might as well be deaf. All of the sudden after overcoming struggles for 40 years, now I am right back at square one.

Why I Am Voting For Jo Jorgenson

After much consideration, prayer and feedback, albeit an imperfect system, I have decided to vote for Jo Jorgensen. Biden never was a serious consideration. Trump for whatever negatives he may have (not nearly as much as mainstream media tries make you believe), he also is subjected to relentless attacks such as assassination threats (of which I reported one in January 2019). See my posts on Fake FBI agents.

I do like his efforts to fight trafficking and pharmaceutical reform. I expect to see a repeat of 2000. So fasten your seatbelts.

My reasons for voting for Jorgensen is as follows: Trump is going to carry Tennessee easily. My vote won’t be a factor in deciding the outcome. Strategically Trump keeps Biden out of the White House. But I also expect he will be the last US President. Congress may dissolve within five years. I don’t agree with Jorgensen on every single issue. But having experienced disenfranchisement, philosophically, I will vote for her to give the corrupt system the middle finger. 

My Bizaree Run-In With Fake FBI Agents Pt. 2

The following week, I visited the Secret Service office in downtown Knoxville. I dressed appropiately by wearing a dark suit, with blue shirt, tie, coat and hat. I was the only person wearing a hat far as I could tell. I also shined my shoes.

I filed my report with the agent who was present. It took about 30 minutes. I told the agent that if any updates were to come my way, I would promptly report it. Later that day, I talked with another agent on the phone. We went over the basics of the meeting. I also asked him what I should do if I were to be approached by these men again. He advised to get away from them and if necessary to do all that I can do to defend myself if attacked including shooting them.

Since I have never heard back from them, I guess I spooked them. It served a a real-life example of being aware of your surroundings and being pro-active in a potentially dangerous situation. So this concludes this account of one of the more exciting adventures in my mudane life.

My Bizarre Run-in With Fake FBI Agents Pt.1

For starters, go here for verification of an actual FBI agent or other federal agents.

This is a rather convoluted situation that I was involved with almost two years ago, so here is the basic run-down:

On January 5, 2019, after returning home from work, I noticed a business card wedged between the screen door. I lived in an isolated area a good 5-10 miles from any highway. The card appeared to be an FBI business card. I took a look at it after going inside and immediately realized something was odd. I have handled thousands of business in my life. I have interacted with military, FBI, Secret Service agents, and detectives numerous times during my years as a reporter and throughout my life. I know how to identify a fake business card.

The basic information on the card appeared legitimate as with reference to the local office in Knoxville, Tennessee. However, on the back, a handwritten note was added requesting to call a certain FBI agent. The agent shall remain nameless to protect identity. The number was not the main office number. The coloring and paper stock was not consistent with an FBI card and appeared amatuerish in design like printing off at a Kinkos. Sure enough it was.

The following day, I called the field office in Knoxville asking to speak to this particular agent. The lady who answered the call either hung up or referred to the answering machine which may have been some sort of caller ID.

That night, I did receive a call from a scammer number in Southern California. The following week, I received a call from another scammer number in Southern California. I checked both numbers with the Department of Consumer Affairs. Combined, these numbers had around 14,000 complaints filed against them.

That Friday, while at work, I was notified by a manager that several men were here to see me. So I went to the meeting room area. I entered the room where there were two men present. They haphazardly displayed their fake FBI badges (again I know what a genuine badge looks like). One was around 50, portly build, greasy, combed back hair and goatee. He had on casual clothes that were more appropiate for warmer months. East Tennessee in winter is not like Southern California BTW. The younger man was around 30, wore glasses and dressed business casual.

My first thought was how did they know I worked here? I drove the backroads to get to work. So the only explanation was that they sat outside my residence all night and then followed me to work or they used a GPS tracking device. I checked my vehicle after this meeting and no device was present. So they obviously followed me.

So, we sat down facing each other. The older man, passing himself as the Knoxville FBI agent then immediately slipped up. He claimed he was with the Boston field office. I put on my acting skills and played dumb. The more he talked, the more he unwittingly exposed himself as a fraud. He claimed he was a Red Sox fan. Well, I am a Mets fan. Yet he acted like he didn’t know the Red Sox loss the 1986 World Series. He also didn’t know what Ted Williams batting average was in 1941.

While going to great lengths to cover up the actual reason for wanting to see me, he tried to claim that the Boston FBI office wanted to see me regarding unspecified matter involving a defense contractor called Raytheon. The younger guy didn’t talk much. But when he did talk, he seemed to have a hang-up about Baptists. Well, in East Tennessee, there are a bunch of Baptist I thought to myself. He also posed a strange line of questioning about whether it was okay for men to look at Playboy or if it was okay for women to look at Playgirl or male strippers. I thought “Where is he going with this?”

They then diverge into chit-chat about Donald Trump. They spoke in broken sentences and thus incoherent as to what exactly they were wanting with regards to Trump or what that has to do with me. Looking back on it, they were attempting to shake me down possibly to use me as a patsy in some set-up.

I asked about Raytheon. I was vaguely familiar with the name. As it turns out, I had posted an article on Raytheon with regards to missile strikes in April, 2017. I commented that firing missiles into an empty desert much of military activity was a racket so they can then turn around and sell more weapons to the Pentagon. Perhaps beginning around late 2018, either an employee or executive saw my post online and obviously didn’t like it. After all, to contact and then pay for two big time scammers to come all the way from California to Tennessee to shake me down over a social media post is a bit bizarre. That includes paying for hotel, rental cars and fake cards.

So I decided to turn the table on them. I told them I suspected they were trying to shake me down possibly to get me involved in some assassination attempt against President Trump. I would have done the same thing if it involved any other president too regardless of whether or not I agreed with their policies.

I also told them I felt it was my civic duty to report this to the Secret Service. I then stood up and walked out of the room. I didn’t hear from these two individuals again.

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