I Am Vaccine Injured: A Personal Reflection Pt. 2

You can do your own research on the history of vaccines going back to the late 1700’s, The Vaccine Injury Compensation Law of 1986 which Ronald Reagan signed with deep reservations has since becoming operational in 1988 has paid out around $4.5 billion to settle vaccine injury cases with the cap being $250,000. The fundContinue reading “I Am Vaccine Injured: A Personal Reflection Pt. 2”

I Am Vaccine Injured: A Personal Reflection Pt. 1

In looking back on my life, I would say generally my childhood and early adulthood were very fulfullling and fruitful. I have no life long regrets. I was also a conservative person in my interactions with others. I resolved disputes through meditation and coming to terms amiably. Granted, there were a few times I wouldContinue reading “I Am Vaccine Injured: A Personal Reflection Pt. 1”

Why I Am Voting For Jo Jorgenson

After much consideration, prayer and feedback, albeit an imperfect system, I have decided to vote for Jo Jorgensen. Biden never was a serious consideration. Trump for whatever negatives he may have (not nearly as much as mainstream media tries make you believe), he also is subjected to relentless attacks such as assassination threats (of whichContinue reading “Why I Am Voting For Jo Jorgenson”

My Bizaree Run-In With Fake FBI Agents Pt. 2

The following week, I visited the Secret Service office in downtown Knoxville. I dressed appropiately by wearing a dark suit, with blue shirt, tie, coat and hat. I was the only person wearing a hat far as I could tell. I also shined my shoes. I filed my report with the agent who was present.Continue reading “My Bizaree Run-In With Fake FBI Agents Pt. 2”

My Bizarre Run-in With Fake FBI Agents Pt.1

For starters, go here for verification of an actual FBI agent or other federal agents. This is a rather convoluted situation that I was involved with almost two years ago, so here is the basic run-down: On January 5, 2019, after returning home from work, I noticed a business card wedged between the screen door.Continue reading “My Bizarre Run-in With Fake FBI Agents Pt.1”

Bringing Light to A Dark World

Welcome to the Christ For Liberty blog. Topics on here will vary. However, the core esscence of this blog will be about themes related to liberty, peace, justice, tyranny, etc… For starters, check out these blogs https://chrisforliberty.wordpress.com/ https://chrisforliberty.blogspot.com Suggested keyword searches can include 16th Amendment, Income Tax, IRS, Federal Reserve to get up to speedContinue reading “Bringing Light to A Dark World”