I Am Vaccine Injured: A Personal Reflection Pt. 2

You can do your own research on the history of vaccines going back to the late 1700’s, The Vaccine Injury Compensation Law of 1986 which Ronald Reagan signed with deep reservations has since becoming operational in 1988 has paid out around $4.5 billion to settle vaccine injury cases with the cap being $250,000. The fund is paid for via a vaccine tax. It doesn’t come out of the vaccine company’s profits.

In 2020, how it has affected me is when engaging in conversation with someone who is wearing a mask, due to unable to lipread, it is just about like being completely deaf.

All due to a virus if it does exist has been great blown out of proporation. To put things into perspective, around 500,000 die from flu and malaria worldwide every year. Around 1,000,000 die in car wrecks. 10,000,000 die from starvation, half of those being children. How come these deaths aren’t played out 24/7 on the news?

So we are supposed to think the world is coming to an end because whatever the number of actual deaths is (10,000?), it still isn’t anywhere close to car wrecks or flu deaths.

So basically I am now unable to understand people and especially if working in a customer service orientated environment, it creates real hardship. I am reduced to asking “Could you repeat that please” or “I don’t know” when I would have otherwise known where the wine or cake mix would be if I could understand what you were saying. But I don’t feel like giving my life story. So now here it is.

In September and November 1977 at around 16-18 months old, I was given two MMR vaccines. In early 1981, while I was sitting on the living room floor of our house in Old North Knoxville, my mother walked up to me and tried to get my attention. Just a moment ago, she had called my name and I didn’t respond. I had been playing with my hot wheels and therefore had my head down. TMLSS, I went through a series of hearing tests at the Speech and Audiology center and laid eyes on Neyland Stadium for the first time. I thought “This thing is BIG” from my young perspective at the time. Now while even bigger and still an interesting place, Neyland Stadium is a big one among many other big stadiums in the modern college football landscape.

Fast forward to about this time in 2000. I was an employee at Scripps Networks. I was given a flu shot like everyone else. For some reason, I was sick with the flu for the next week. I thought to myself “What’s the point of taking a flu shot if I am going to get the flu?” This experience opened my eyes to the potential dangers of vaccinations. I gradually learned about the history of vaccinations along with constitutional law, further understanding of economics particularly Austrian economics, tax law and the drug war. You can visit this link for information on my other blogs.

In 2012, while doing spring cleaning, I came across my mother’s baby journal. In it, she notes about receiving vaccines. In the entry for September, nothing unsual. However, in the entry for November, she notes that I had an odd reaction like a yelping sound and a twisting motion that wasn’t your normal grimacing reaction that we are accustomed to.

In reflecting back to the late 70’s-early 80’s, I could very easily hear the songs, TV shows and movies of the time. I could even understand Darth Vader despite having a helmet on. Physically, my ears are in good shape. The damage was to the nerves itself. As I investigated the strange story involving my experience with the MMR vaccines, I learned that what the particular doctor did (who shall remain nameless as well as the hospital) was to increase the amount of aluminum in the shot. There has been increasingly more evidence of the possible connection between aluminum and its relationship to hearing loss in recent times. Now if “they didn’t know” was considered a rationale, that would be one thing. But the concern about vaccines goes back to the 1950’s at the very least. He would have known that aluminum could cause damage. To then increase the dosage beyond its normal amount can only lead to one conclusion: It was attempted murder.

So we are where we are. Thankfully, the vaccine didn’t kill me. But it did cause lifelong damage that makes it difficult in social interactions, building relationships, employment and just general quality of life. I will probably never see a dime. But I can get some satisfication by sharing my story and to build awareness especially in these times. In conjunction with the mask mandates and lockdowns, there will be a stronger push towards mandatory vaccine program at a national and international level. Those who refuse to comply could very well be facing concentration camps or forced injections.

I have said enough on this now. Pray, make your peace and prepare for the difficult times ahead.

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4 thoughts on “I Am Vaccine Injured: A Personal Reflection Pt. 2

  1. The more you know!! Thanks for sharing. I recently viewed Robert Kennedy Jr and Del Bigtree on the Daystar network with their compelling research on vaccines and the untold truth. It’s a shame that we are mere lab rats for the government’s health experiments. I might have fallen for the vaccine entrapment as did my parents but I did not fall down the ADD/ADHD rabbit hole and my daughter is all the better for that learned wisdom and research on her mother’s part. May God continue to bless you and keep you in all of your truth seeking endeavors.


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