Why I Am Voting For Jo Jorgenson

After much consideration, prayer and feedback, albeit an imperfect system, I have decided to vote for Jo Jorgensen. Biden never was a serious consideration. Trump for whatever negatives he may have (not nearly as much as mainstream media tries make you believe), he also is subjected to relentless attacks such as assassination threats (of which I reported one in January 2019). See my posts on Fake FBI agents.

I do like his efforts to fight trafficking and pharmaceutical reform. I expect to see a repeat of 2000. So fasten your seatbelts.

My reasons for voting for Jorgensen is as follows: Trump is going to carry Tennessee easily. My vote won’t be a factor in deciding the outcome. Strategically Trump keeps Biden out of the White House. But I also expect he will be the last US President. Congress may dissolve within five years. I don’t agree with Jorgensen on every single issue. But having experienced disenfranchisement, philosophically, I will vote for her to give the corrupt system the middle finger. 

Published by christforliberty

Just a simple man trying to live his life one day at a time.

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