My Bizaree Run-In With Fake FBI Agents Pt. 2

The following week, I visited the Secret Service office in downtown Knoxville. I dressed appropiately by wearing a dark suit, with blue shirt, tie, coat and hat. I was the only person wearing a hat far as I could tell. I also shined my shoes.

I filed my report with the agent who was present. It took about 30 minutes. I told the agent that if any updates were to come my way, I would promptly report it. Later that day, I talked with another agent on the phone. We went over the basics of the meeting. I also asked him what I should do if I were to be approached by these men again. He advised to get away from them and if necessary to do all that I can do to defend myself if attacked including shooting them.

Since I have never heard back from them, I guess I spooked them. It served a a real-life example of being aware of your surroundings and being pro-active in a potentially dangerous situation. So this concludes this account of one of the more exciting adventures in my mudane life.

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Just a simple man trying to live his life one day at a time.

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